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Below are some details about our services + the work we do. If you like what you see, drop us a line by filling in the form below.

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1:1 Event strategy session

Event admin aka the fiddly bits


Event management

Event styling

Technical production


All of the above


who are you?


You run a small biz + you want to change your game by running a series of events. You just got engaged [congrats] + you want your big day to make a difference. You work for a big corporation + you want the next annual conference to really blow some socks off. Or you simply want to throw an EPIC party and need some help.


who are we?


Your event cheer squad + guiding hand. Your creative. Your stylish event removalist [calling it what it is]. We inject your brand + personality into an experiential event that no one will forget. We manage your waste. Um what. Yep, we are eco warriors here to show you how to reduce the carbon footprint of your event, without compromising the FUN factor. BOOM!

Want a taste?

Here’s some words and pics of recent projects we have worked on.

Are you a keen bean + want to make some magic with us?

Let’s get cracking then. STEP ONE, fill in ze form below so we can understand your project or event. STEP TWO, we decide if we like you. Jokes. But we will be able to determine if a} we are a good fit for the job and b} if we have space in our swanky fluro pink calendar. STEP THREE, we chat on the blower or we do the grown up thang and grab coffee and chew the fat a bit more. STEP FOUR, we create a custom proposal for you and then we make rainbows + unicorns.

IMPORTANT - If you want an entree of Event Strategy or Event Admin, feel free to skip the quiz and pass go to collect $200.00 - I mean go direct to the chatline.

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