The Reason Behind The Commune

Beautiful Queenslander

The past few days I (Jess) have been deep in thought, contemplating the meaning and importance of commune. It has been one of those soul searching weeks for me personally and as a biz owner but also a beautiful time of quiet reflection that I wanted to share with you.

So lets go back to the start… When Brenton and I were searching for a business name it took us forever to find something that felt right and that we both liked. It started by brainstorming words that we liked and eventually commune came up and it clicked. Hallelujah. Now many of you may not know this but when The Commune Space was born, in January 2018, it was meant to develop into a environmentally sustainable events venue with flexibility and creativity like you’d never seen before. So we started developing ideas and before long we had come up with the idea to launch early as a service based business, doing what we had always done. Looking back I 100% believe this happened for a reason, the venue not progressing, this soul searching this week, it has all been a journey to this new place that actually feels right.

Community, impact and change are all core values inside our business but somehow in the hustle of business life, the community aspect was dulled down and to be completely honest it was a confusing time for us and our clients because our name just didn’t make sense. People thought we were a physical space and the community aspect didn’t quite line up. A favourite quote of mine is “variety is the spice of life” and the reason it resonates is because I feel like I, as a person am constantly evolving in this journey, so why too shouldn’t my business.

So back to the week of soul searching… This week we took the time to really delve into our values and goals within the business [this was absolutely heart-wrenching btw] and what we have come up with is The Commune Space. So you’re probably like say what, isn’t that who you are already? Well yes, but we have finally found the work that belongs with the meaning. Holy macballs the excitement is real in TCS HQ today! So we are 8 months into this biz journey [we officially launched last year on the 2nd of June] and the evolution or spice has just amped up a notch. There are a lot of new things coming your way with The Commune Space and I think you are really going to love where we go next, so stay tuned. We are hoping to rebrand/relaunch this new evolution in time for our first birthday in June #partytime. So mark the 2nd of June in your calendars folks because The Commune Space 2.0 is a comin!

In the meantime here is a little rundown of what’s happening for us currently:

Launching 25th February 2019 - The Party Starter Challenge

A free 5 day challenge to get you started in your event planning with a roadmap to success.

Launching 4th March 2019 - The Party Squad

A suite of event services for small business owners.

Launching 2nd June 2019 - The New & Improved The Commune Space

Stay tuned for all of the exciting details on this one but did someone say agency…