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What drinks package do I need?

What drinks package do I need?

Let’s be real, when hosting an event a big chunk of change is typically spent on booze. It’s the right thing to do right? You don’t want people buying their own drinks because that’s embarrassing… Forgive me but I disagree. Certain events yes, you should be paying for a big chunk of booze but not necessarily all of it because a) the drinking culture in Australia is changing and we are more interested in a few quality drinks, instead of writing ourselves off on the house red and b) some people are just fussy drinkers and will pay top dollar for the dry martini, shaken not stirred. So tip number one, consider your audience because your hard earned $$$$ may be better spent elsewhere.

What time? What day?

What time?   What day?

A question we get asked all too often is “What time or what day should I host my event?'“. Timing your event well should be your be one of the first steps in planning a successful event because ain’t nobody want to go to a 2 hour seminar at 8pm on a Tuesday night [am I right?].