Q. what do we do?

A. We offer services in event styling, planning & production. We are eco-conscious with champagne tastes. We want to make your event look good and feel good too by reducing the footprint of your event and giving back at the same time.


Q. what type of events do we do?

A. We love nothing more than a big event because big events means big impact. We work on corporate events  from Gala Balls, conferences and Christmas parties. Weddings are also our jam because they bring the pretty and then our love jobs are the private/house party gigs because that is where the fun is.


Q. where did our inspiration for an eco conscious company come from?

A. Jess previously worked as an event stylist, it was the job of her dreams and she spent her days dreaming up event designs and making things pretty. Sadly the industry soon gave way to a rude awakening that confronted all of her personal beliefs. Mass waste and the use of unnecessary resources was not only common, but considered normal. This is where the idea for The Commune space was born. We wanted to combine our kills in design and production with a conscious effort to reduce the event footprint and create impact.


Q. do we have a space?

A. Short answer is no, long answer is that a space or venue is definitely in the pipeline but the ideas for this are not yet fully formed. We like to think of space as a metaphor for a community space that brings people together to impact change.


Q. do we have charity partners?

A. No, we have charities that we regularly work with but if you have someone in particular that you'd like to work with for your event, shout it out.


Q. do you have a limit on the size of the event?

A. No way. The bigger the better. The smaller the more friends we make.


Q. how do we measure impact?

A. We produce an event report card post event that is kind of like a warm and fuzzy reminder of all the good things produced from your event. Impact is measured by money raised, good deeds done, attendee feedback etc. We try to keep a running tally of some measures on our website - have a look at the impact tab.


Q. what is the cost?

A. As each event is unique in nature and scope we do quote on a case by case basis. If you have a particular budget in mind, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate this. Get started by filling in our quiz here.


Q. Is it more expensive because it's sustainable?

A. Absolutely not. You may spend more on quality products but ultimately you should spend less overall by eliminating unnecessary resources.


Q. do we manage waste?

A. Yes. We can manage your waste post event and design responsible solutions to manage waste during the event.


Q. where are you located?

A. We work in Brisbane, sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Byron Bay. We are however willing to travel to different states for events, even overseas #winning - just drop us a line to discuss.